Transcription Benefits

1. Outsourcing Medical Transcription allows you to focus on providing high quality medical care to your patients.

2. Significant savings per Full Time Employee (FTE) are achieved in the following areas:                      
 Periods of low workload
 Equipment costs
 Office space

3. Quick Turn Around Time (TAT). Guaranteed to be within 24 hours, generally delivered in 12 hours. STAT jobs are returned with 2-4 turnaround.

4. No equipment or start up cost. State of the art dictation and web based secure system allows secure viewing, editing and printing of reports 24x7 from anywhere. Toll free dictation system guaranteed never to be busy, can handle 20,000 simultaneous callers. Hand held digital voice recorders are also supported.

5. Very high quality of work is ensured by our well trained Transcription and Quality Assurance personnel.